Use webfont to express your creativity

Nowadays,  Most of Web developer use webfont . It’s very usefull for typography in web . Everyday we are going to involve about that . Because it’s a easy and best way for web typography.


Why you use webfont ?

Suppose you are a template maker you should use this . Because when you make a template, you want your template is different like others . So you must use webfont .

Are you a creative web developer ? are you use webfont for typography ? Now we know about the importance of web font .

How to use web font ?
There are many WebFont service such as Google WebFont  typekit , FontsLive , FontDeck , Font Squirrel , I think google webfont service is the best and easy way to embed web font .
Today I  indruce about that . So,  no more talk .

1 ) At First go to

Here you will see a lot of font list ! If you click Add to Collection button , it gather to your list to find in future easily . Now click quick use button ,after that open a new page for embed font .


2)  You choose font type such as Normal or Bold . But here is important thing is that  page loading ! because if you use bold it need some more time .

3 ) Now select how to use it ? if you want to use in html head , Select Standard and copy below this code . then put this code in html file .

Or you want to use in Css file , select @import . Then copy below this code .

The third option is use  javascript  method . you may use this J

Please look at  below  this picture carefully , I think you understood . if you encounter any problems please comment about your problem . 

google font techfar

Last of all we complete this tutorial  if your css knowledge is not good you don’t understand this tutorial completely . So learn CSS carefully .


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