How to embed video and audio on webpage without plugin with HTML5

Hello everyone how are you ? I am fine . Today I discuss about HTML5 video and audio embedding system . It is very easy to embed video or audio on a web page when came HTML5 .Remember when we use html for embedding video many problem create for it such as plug in install , video format problem etc .


Video and audio format for browser support


Browser MP4 WebM Ogg
Internet Explorer 9+ YES NO NO
Chrome 6+ YES YES YES
Firefox 3.6+ NO YES YES
Safari 5+ YES NO NO
Opera 10.6+ NO YES YES


Why use HTML5 video/audio  ?

Have you any video site or download site?  This tips for you.  You also embed for video tutorial of your site . And the code is easy  J  and customizable! . The main benefit of HTML5 video is fast loading on page because it default integrated in browser. So it is time saver for every coder .You are a wordpress user ? here is your solution


Snip video code is below

Here is audio code snip

Here is full code in one page , you may test it . When use this method you feel comfortable to coding ! :-) .

Here is video

Here is audio

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All have negative point so it’s has some disadvantage.
Some pullback is here such as format system . vedio support only [.mp4/webM]
And audio support only [.ogg] . it’s really difficult to find this format audio file. This file type not use generally . most of game coder use this format for embed an audio.


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