Easy way for Server to Server file transfer

Hello everybody , Take some warm greetings from me . Today We will know about file uplaoding system from server that means Server to Server . Suppose you have two server , Now you need to move a file from 1st to 2nd server . how to ? you think firstly download the file from 1st server then upload 2nd server . But when the file size big and your speed is not suitable for this ? Then create this problem . No tension Today we solve this problem with php
Lets go to do the work ! ;-)

At first create mark up like below

Create a directory name download . Here is save the file from another server..

Now write this script just like as below

If you think to change directory name, you can change it . OF course create same named directory .
Here is full code in one page


Server to server file Transfer
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Save this code in one page name up.php
First upload the script server root folder and browse this page on browser

Now put download link and downlaod / transfer . enjoy ! this script is also test on localhost .So you use from localhost .

If the server is protected by hotlink protection where you from download , this script not work . Don’t worry most of downlaodserver free from hotLink protection . this script support big file so enjoy to use it . If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to tell me :-)

Demo Download


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